Track Wrestling Info

Below is the process used to register in on the TrackWrestling Website.  You will most likely need your USAW number  to get your child to pop up.  This is a different number than your IKWF number that's on the IKWF website.  Your Club Leader will send out your USAW number early in the season.  

The example below is one we mocked up for Mattoon but you can do the same thing to find the tournament you are looking for. 

1) Go to the Track Wrestling Website ( ) and click "Register" and then "Wrestlers for a tournament" as circled below.
Inline image 1

2) Then Click Search as circled below
Inline image 2

3) In the Event Name box, type in Mattoon as shown below and hit search
Inline image 3

4) Click on the Mattoon Kids Open Link -Make sure you click on the date of this years tourney
Inline image 4

5) Make sure the drop down box shows "Viewer" and hit "Enter Tournament" as shown below
Inline image 5

6) Click on "Pre-Register Now"
Inline image 6

7) Click on "Register Now" as shown below
Inline image 7

8) Check that you have read the refund policy and enter your email address and create a password and repeat the password as circled below.
Inline image 8

9) Click "Add Wrestler" as circled below

Inline image 9

10) Type in your wrestlers USAW # in the "USAW Online Membership ID or Card No:" box. This number is provided on the spreadsheet attached to this email.  Do not use your IKWF # as it will most likely not work.  After you type in the number your wrestlers name and info should appear. Make sure the team name is Mt Zion Kids Wrestling Club.  If not hit new team and set it up to say that.  Click the check box that says "Mattoon Kids Open" and then click the "Select an Option" drop down box.  You will enter you wrestlers skill set.  After you select the skill set, click "Add this Wrestler" and continue with payment options.  You should get an email back with an invoice.

Inline image 11